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About Me

My name is Kelsey Ring and I am currently working as a Product Designer in Austin, TX.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design from San Diego State University. I am interested in many areas of design and love a variety of design styles. I go about process differently depending on the project, applying unique approaches to each design problem. I believe that if you have a strong concept, the design solution created will ultimately be strong.  I enjoy individual design challenges as well as team driven solutions.

I enjoy the puzzle of product design, both the user experience and visual side of the puzzle. I like to research and explore thoroughly to find the perfect solution. I like to create a design that is very intuitive to the user and that fits into the flow of their routine. I aim for finding a flexible and strategic structure that can be used throughout the software in multiple use cases and flows within the application.

In school, I focused a lot on typography and branding. Whether it be a clean and simple style or warm and hand rendered solution, I enjoy creating designs that appeal to people’s emotions and senses. I like to think of the brand as a whole; how it impacts, affects and changes the audience. I try to create something that will get their attention and provide their loyalty while still collaborating and having some fun.

I love design, music, my family, the ocean, yoga, beer, my friends, being outside and interacting with people over a coffee... or a beer.